•   V Jay introduced himself via WhatsApp and communicated with us hours before he picked us up from our hotel. He arrived on time and was very pleasant and friendly, communicated very well throughout the journey. The traffic was crazy busy in the Marina area, but...More

    thumb Fay S

      Last week we had for desert safari with drem nihht tour Driver Mubsher pick up to me from Bur DUBAI hotel Dune bashing was a awesome and camp side was so so good driver was fully skilled and frien strongly recommend brave and goo guy...More

    thumb Mian V

      Very good adventure with beautiful places. I recommand it. The car driver was very welcoming with us and take pictures of us

    thumb Ro M

      Had a great time. Vijay picked me up from my place he was funny, nice and professional. Dune bashing, Belly dance and food was awesome. All the activities met my expectations.Their service was Amazing. Thank you Vijay and dream night tours.

    thumb krushna r
  •   It's a nice life time experience. Took good care of guests. Above all amazing drive experience in cruiser and delicious food veg and non-veg.

    thumb Kiran K

      Really pleased with the all round service. We were picked up from our hotel and it was around a 40 minute drive to the sand dunes. The dune bashing was great fun, a bit like a roller coaster. The camp area set up was well...More

    thumb Adil_Khan7

      We went for a Morning Safari with Riaz with my wife and 2 kids (3 & 7 years). He picked us up in the hotel on time (sharp) as agreed. Drove us to the Safari and told us about the different places we were seeing...More

    thumb Mario Andres R

      Today We had enjoy desert safari with dram night tour Driver Mubasher pick us up from T com Dune bashing was awesome and camp side was so so good driver was fully skilled and friendly strongly recomended

    thumb Rahul6fe

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Memorable mornings!

Mornings are a time of serenity and often stand for a new beginning. Desert Safari in the morning is a great way to experience the gold and sandy desert in all its glamour and glory. It is perfect for families due to its short ride of 2 hours and more adventurous activity than in the evening safaris.  Morning desert safari includes adventurous dune bashing with sand splashing and smashing itself playfully on the doors of the vehicle. This safari doesn’t include meals or live dance shows but surfing and skiing through the widths and depths of the desert in the United Arab Emirates.morrning-desert-safari

Morning desert safari starts from 9 in the morning and lasts for two hours. It includes picking the clients from the hotel and going for dune bashing which is a very enthralling experience, with all the ups and downs of ever-changing sand dunes and speed of the vehicle, mostly a powerful jeep or car, it is an unforgettable experience which lasts for twenty minutes. These twenty minutes prove to be the most exciting part of morning safari. Then the cars head to camps where various other fun activities are arranged for esteemed guests. Here they can enjoy quad biking which is another exhilarating endeavor. Facility of camel riding and sand skiing is also provided but they are provided on paying extra charges.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai offers the one of the best Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai specializes in tours of the vast and spectacular desert in the UAE. Sit at the top of a dune to catch the stunning orange sunset and take a few moments to collect your thoughts, before returning to the car to bounce up and down dunes with exhilarating speed. The tours end in a Bedouin village, with camel rides, traditional clothes to try on, and live entertainment.

The thrilling ride in the desert!

When hot desert cools down in the evening and moonlight lits the sandy dunes, it is a sight worth wishing for. If this comes with mouthwatering repasts, live shows and pick and drop services it is simply delightful.

Dubai is famous worldwide for its exciting safaris especially evening desert safari. It starts at 3 on the day to 9 in the evening. For the tourists, various packages are presented which include pick and drop services, breathtaking view of the sunset, fun camel and horse rides, entertaining dance performances, delicious dinner, surfing sand, getting henna tattoos, dune bashing, occasional off-drive experiences, fire shows and much more.

There are many packages for various tourists ranging from basic package, advanced and gold. Few services are provided on demand in evening desert safari which requires extra charges. These include the fun horse ride in the desert, a long ride on human-friendly camels, adventurous quad bike surfing and exclusive sitting areas for VIPs featuring table serving buffets.

The services provided are enjoyable and cost effective allowing a great and unforgettable experience in the golden desert which is fairly cool in the evening. Desert Safari in the evening is an experience worth having with your loved ones as it will prove unforgettable.

Quad bikes are all about speed and adventure!


If you are that person who prefers adrenaline filled holidays, try quad bike safari. Either it is a desert or a rough terrain quad bikes are enthralling and reckless. All you need is a venturesome spirit and balance and you are good to go on your quad bike.

The quad bike is a cross between a car and a bike and is an off-road vehicle with a tough body.

Game reserves, Adventure parks, and desert safaris provide an opportunity to enjoy quad bike safari.

In Dubai, Quad bike safari like all others involves speed and adventures with an additional venture of sand dune bashing. These safaris are a great thrill for nature lovers as well. Safari on bikes in the shifting sand dunes of Dubai is an unforgettable experience.

In game reserves, this safari involves a warm welcome with scrumptious meals and expert guides who describe all that you need to know to spice up your excitement.  Some reserves provide additional services with the safari on quad bikes.

In these safaris, you put yourself in direct contact with nature. Most terrains are challenging and some are based on abandoned army bases.

The professional instructors at the Dune Buggy Desert Safari Camps help you a lot in training you when to pick up a speed and when to slow down and you gradually gain that confidence that helps you to witness and explore one of the amazing experiences of life. I think everyone should at least try it for once in their lives because this is going to show your crazy and funny side.

SO what are you waiting for..? Fasten your seat belts and start your adventure right now.

Quirky Adventures of the DUNE BUGGY Desert Safari

Have you ever experienced that rush in your body when you are about to try something new which is cool, adventurous and crazy?

I am calling all those young souls out there to experience the amazing and tremendous Dune Buggy Desert Safari that is going to be a crazy lifetime experience for all those who have never tried it ever before.

Whenever you are planning to visit the Gulf countries, the desert is going to be a very main attraction for you, and in that desert you’ll find some buggy riders, rolling around the desert and bouncing from one dune of sand to another and enjoying to their fullest. To be honest buggy rides are always fun at the seaside but the feeling you get it when you are riding a buggy in a desert will force your adventurous side to come out. The feeling of riding a single- seater buggy and flying in the air, then landing back on the ground gives you the feeling of independence and control in your life.

Enjoy the thrill of traditional desert safari and make your trip spectacular

Well, it goes without asking that everyone wants and prefers to spend their vacations mannerly where they can enjoy the stupendous adventures and tremendous thrill. There is no doubt so many places, where you can spend your days and nights but among the series of them, Dubai is the place which is now considering the topmost tourist destination. Dubai is well known because of its high life status and the eye-catching places that fascinate and diverts the tourist attraction most. Among the series of them, Desert Safari is the place where tourist prefers to go and enjoy the traditional piece of sand land in Dubai.

But what if you’re going by in late spring and arrange your Dubai trip? Although it is a summer peak time it doesn’t mean that you need to pass up a major opportunity for this quintessential Dubai encounter. To solve your this riddle here I am jotting down few points so before going to book your any desert day trek go you can prepare yourself to enjoy these Dubai hit-list points.

  1. What makes DESERT SAFARI unique?

Desert Safari is a long way from a harsh and prepared trek; the 21st century Arabian Desert encounter is somewhat extravagant. Hundreds and thousands of Voyagers try to grab the reliable Desert safari deals just for the sake to appreciate the lengthy head out from the city into the undulating rises.

The actual and adrenaline rush feeling of experience starts once the parkway landing area which is supplanted by sand, and soon thereafter the drivers collapse the auto’s tire weight, enabling it to drive on the delicate surface without soaking in. At that point, visitors get the goosebumps and are up for around an hour of getting a charge out of an exciting crazy ride like an episode of driving through rough terrain. Later, when it comes about the night time so you can enjoy the beauty of harmonizes with the opportunity to snap some mind-boggling desert dusk photographs.

From that point, we as a tourist guider also offer you a wide range of vital Desert safari deals in which we offer you all the bunches of customary desert, traditional and international buffet, camp set-up for an Arabian evenings style, evening with scrumptious BBQ supper, with excitement and live shows for example, camel rides, belly dance, fire shows, and henna painting.

Rest, if this isn’t sound sufficiently enticing, and then you can try our awesome Night Desert safari deals where you can enjoy every single moment under the blanket of the moon and cold wind. Desert Safari in Dubai is such an energizing visit especially for those who love to explore the natural and traditional beauty with lots of adventure.

This trip gives you the vital time with your family and companions. One of the best times to visit desert safari is evening, where you can see the beauty of sun goes down, and the glow of desert.

  1. Drive to edges:

Except this, you can also discover the stunning red raises which your eyes can see barely. But this is not the end; what’s more, you can explore the camel ride, experience to wear traditional dresses, dune bashing , quad bike, sand-boarding, and a lot more.

In spite of this, on the other hand, we also offer you the Early Morning desert safari packages. As to make our credentials easy and reliable for you we are offering you the categories so you can avail the one which attracts and suits according to your time availability.

Regardless, coming back to the point, morning time is best for the people who love to acknowledge camel ride and have a powerful character for sand skiing and Quad biking. Additionally, you can see the beauty of sunrise and a traditional breakfast that gives you the best startup for your daily activity and energize you well.

To continue this tail, Morning desert safari with Dune Buggy adds the thrill where you can also experience the amazed and astonishing Dune Bashing on Dubai sand Dunes. For you all, we will arrange a full bright young hour in the day to start your excursion towards tremendous desert fulfillment. We also offer you all the sensational outside arrangement, shocking rides and a lot more than entice and replenish your mood.

  1. Epic Cross-Desert Dubai Road Trip

So after this long haul, last but not the least, we ensure you to make this Dubai desert Safari travel best under the banner of affordable credentials. The safaris are no doubt overflowing with fun and endeavor. Frankly, we always focus to make your safari experience meritorious with the finest adrenalin surging inside you.

What will You Get

  • Ultra Budget – Shared Camp, Freelance Safari Guides, Dune Bashing and is the Safari provider. Price range: AED75-100.
  • Budget – The same service above but with a commission to a Wholesaler built into the price. Price range: AED120-180.
  • Economy – Large private camp, Freelance Safari Guides, Dune Bashing and is the Safari provider. Price range: AED220-275.
  • Premium– Large private camp, mix of in-house and freelance Safari Guides, wildlife driving and is the Safari provider. Price range: AED275-375.
  • Exclusive – Small private camp, only in-house Safari Guides, Wildlife driving in specialised vehicles and is the Safari provider. Price range: AED545.
  • Luxury – Private set-up, in-house and Freelance Safari Guides, Wildlife driving, no entertainment or bathroom facilities. Is the Safari provider. Price: AED895.
  • Ultra Luxury -Private set-up, only in-house Safari Guides, Wildlife driving in luxury SUV, includes entertainment and facilities and is the Safari provider. Price : AED1,500